Original Music - Instrumental

This is music I make just for me. They're not "songs" per se, just a collection of sounds I enjoy making. I hope you enjoy them too.

Original Music: "Hello, Hollow" (dream pop instrumental)

 This downtime has become the right time to finish up some old musical ideas. Of course, first I needed to get lighting and learn to edit video. The master of over-complication. Pardon my tardiness...

Original Music: Euphobia - (Instrumental dream pop.)

I don't know what to call this music. Any ideas? This started as a simple idea on classical guitar, and I let it run where it wanted. The Rick Turner Model One seemed to be the right fit for all the electric sounds, which made it easy.

Original Music: Reign Again - (instrumental dream pop)

 Another "dreaming of a rainy day" song. Just layering guitars until it's done (or there's no more room, which is more apt).

Original Music: "Linger" (theme from an imaginary TV series)

These chords felt right on a rainy day. Started fleshing it out and it took on a life of its own. Funny how they do that. Sounded like it might be at home as the opening to a thriller series.