Music composed for specific purposes

Music that was composed to fit a specific purpose, style or mood. 

Original Music: "Electric Mistress" (Metapop "Score This" competition #44.)

 A Metapop "Score This" entry. Original music written  to existing video. Music had to be made from supplied sound samples. 

Original Music: "Shave And A Hair Cut" (8-bit video game music)

Retro style, original 8-bit music. Created using the "Magical 8-bit Plug" from YMCK. I restricted myself to the 4 synth tracks that the original NES allowed (synth 1, synth 2, bass & drums).

Original Music: "Bananas" - original score & sound by Mark Blasquez

Banana Documentary - A music scoring project. Trying to capture the right music, from the right era, with the right sound.

Original Music: "Mighty Yosemite" - Metapop "Score This" competition #39

Mighty Yosemite - Another Metapop competition entry,  "produce this #39" contest. Some samples and video were provided. Original composition created for this film.