Past, present and future...

With a repertoire including work on award winning movie trailers, television shows & video games Mark Blasquez has returned to his love of songwriting armed with an arsenal of material for the music and visual worlds alike.   

 The discography of Mark Blasquez is synonymous with his broad and ever changing musical capabilities. Blasquez has lent his compositional and studio skills to television series’ such as CSI: NY, Burn Notice, Smallville, movie trailers and soundtracks for Inception, The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Libertine, Saw IV (2007), A-Team, and numerous other interactive and visual projects, such as the award winning American McGee’s “Alice”.   

 As a lifelong musician, songwriter and programming master, Mark Blasquez has performed around the world with his industrial band Death Ride 69, Spahn Ranch, and others. His grasp of audio technology has led to technical / behind-the-scene positions with Nine Inch Nails, Guns ’n’ Roses, Ministry, Berlin and many others. Following his heavy rock / electronic release, The Red Pill, which was released under his pseudonym CRUSH in 2009, Mark Blasquez has been working on music for international distribution and playing a non-stop string of solo acoustic shows. 

 In early 2021 Mark took his first voice-over job and is excited to continue work in this new field.