New Religion - a band out of time

In the mid '80's, the San Francisco Bay Area was a hotbed of original music. One voice in that frenetic, freakish and fantastic din was a little band Called "New Religion". Drew Harrison on vocals & guitar, my brother Andy Blasquez on bass guitar or drums (he was bizarrely good at both) and myself on guitar, and sometimes keyboards.

Our influences at the time were as disparate as they were united by a desire to be creative, new and original sounding. Bands such as The Smiths, Depeche Mode, U2, Cocteau Twins, Tones On Tail created a world that we felt at home in and soon we were writing our own songs and letting the muse take us where she willed. We did our best to forge a sound that was comfortable to us, while feeling new and unique.

In 1988 we release an eponymous 6 song cassette and got some local radio airplay which lead to bigger and better gigs. While the band was in a steady ascent, we could never secure the all-important "drummer" position. By 1990 the struggle was taking it's toll. I moved to Los Angeles, Drew went to Europe and Andy went to school to get a masters degree. You know. No big deal.

Fast forward to March 2020 - "The 'Rona" hits. All live music is indefinitely canceled. Everyone is looking for something to do while we wait for life to return to "normal", so we started talking. What would it sound like if we played these songs now? How could we reinterpret them? The result is "Hindsight 2020". Looking back with feet pointed forward. 

We don't know what's next for New Religion, but we hope you enjoy our trip down memory lane and the updated versions of some of our music (and visions of some very questionable fashion)

Be well - Mark